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APK NameXender Apk
update Last Update1 Hour Ago
Compatible-with Compatible-withAndroid 4.4 or Higher required
Size Size21.25 MB
Language LanguageEnglish, 46 more
CategoryFile Sharing
DeveloperXender Team
License PriceFree

Xender App is an advanced file-sharing application that makes file transfers across devices easier.

Xender App provides a seamless and efficient file-sharing experience because of its cross-platform interoperability, Wi-Fi Direct technology, support for many file types, and additional features.

Whether you need to share work documents, exchange images with friends, or transfer enormous files, Xender App is a dependable option that simplifies the file-sharing procedure. So, You can use above button to Xender Apk Download.

What is Xender & How it Works

Xender App is a popular file-sharing application that makes it easier to transfer data between devices. Xender App’s user-friendly interface and revolutionary technology enable rapid and efficient file sharing across multiple platforms.

One of the most important aspects of the Xender App is its cross-platform interoperability. Xender App offers smooth file sharing between devices running multiple operating systems, whether you’re using an Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac device.

This interoperability removes boundaries, allowing users to quickly share files with friends, coworkers, or family members regardless of the devices they use.

To establish direct connections between devices, Xender App makes use of Wi-Fi Direct technology. This means that file transfers do not require an internet connection or a Wi-Fi network.

Xender provides high-speed data transfers without relying on external networks by establishing a direct connection, making it a great alternative for swiftly and securely transferring files.

The application supports a variety of file types, including images, movies, documents, music, and more. Users can transfer multiple files or entire folders, making massive volumes of data sharing easier.

Xender App also features a file manager that helps users easily organize and manage their files.

To begin a file transfer, users simply launch the Xender program on both the transmitting and receiving devices. Xender App establishes a Wi-Fi Direct connection when the devices are in close proximity.

The sender can then select which files to share before clicking the “Send” button. Xender App starts the transfer process when the receiving device prompts the user to accept the incoming files.

Xender App has advanced features that improve the file-sharing experience. For example, it facilitates huge file transfers, allowing users to easily share high-definition videos or software packages. The program also supports group sharing, allowing numerous devices to connect and receive files at the same time. This function is very beneficial for collaborative work or content sharing during events.

Security and privacy are top priorities for Xender App. The application employs encryption and secure connections to protect files during the transfer process, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. Users can share files with peace of mind, knowing that their data is protected.

Xender Apk Download and enjoy your file-sharing experience next level.

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Xender Screen Shot
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Xender Screen Shot
Xender Screen Shot
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Key Features of Xender Apk

Xender App is a feature-rich file-sharing program that makes file transfers across devices easier.

Xender App, with its user-friendly interface and inventive functionality, provides a number of vital features that improve the file-sharing experience.

Here we mentioned some of its most important features:

Cross-Platform Compatibility @Xender

Xender App allows for smooth file sharing between operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Devices.

This cross-platform compatibility enables users to easily share files across multiple devices, removing compatibility difficulties and increasing cooperation.

High-Speed Data Transfers @Xender

Xender App utilizes Wi-Fi Direct technology to establish direct connections between devices, enabling lightning-fast data transfers.

By bypassing the need for an internet connection or Wi-Fi router, Xender App ensures swift and efficient file sharing.

Support for Various File Types @Xender

Whether it’s photos, videos, documents, music, or even apps, Xender App supports the transfer of a wide range of file types. Users can easily select multiple files or entire folders for quick and convenient sharing.

Group Sharing @Xender

Xender App enables group sharing, allowing multiple devices to connect and receive files simultaneously.

This feature xender app is mostly useful for collaborative projects, events, or sharing content with a group of friends and colleagues.

File Manager @Xender

Xender contains a file manager that helps users to easily organize and manage their files.

Within the application, users may effortlessly explore, rename, delete, copy and move files, easing file management duties.

Phone Replication @Xender

There is a feature in Xender, that is a phone replication function, which allows users to easily transfer all of their data, including messages, contacts, applications, and photographs from their old phone or device to a new one with a few clicks.

Finally, Xender App distinguishes itself by cross-platform compatibility, high-speed data transfers, file type support, group sharing capabilities, built-in file management, and a phone replication feature.

These main characteristics combine to make Xender a versatile and efficient file-sharing program that can meet the demands of both individuals and corporations.

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file manager xender app
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Other Features of the Xender App

Xender App not only excels in its basic file-sharing capabilities but also offers a range of advanced features and functionality that enhance the overall user experience. You can Xender Apk Download on PC and share your files.

Let’s explore some of these advanced features:

social media icons Social Content Downloader:

When you Xender Apk Download, then you are able to download social media content like Instagram Reels Download, Insta Photo Download, Fb Content Download, Whatsapp Status Download, Twitter and Other social media apps content very easily.

file-converter File Converter:

Xender App offers a file conversion feature that allows you to convert files to different formats.

 For example, by using the Xender app there is a feature you can convert an audio file to another audio format or a video file to another video format to ensure compatibility and versatility.

remote-file-access Remote File Access (RFA):

You can remotely view files on your PC from your mobile device with Xender App. You may easily view and transfer files between your computer and mobile device by installing Xender’s PC version and connecting your devices.

app-management App Management:

Xender App includes an extensive app management function that allows you to delete or back up installed apps directly from the app. This feature saves time and streamlines the app management procedure.

group-sharing-and-chat Group Sharing and Chat:

Xender allows you to create groups and invite multiple devices for file sharing. You can also communicate with other group members by using the built-in chat feature, making communication seamless.

Xender is a robust and adaptable file-sharing tool thanks to its comprehensive features and functionalities.

multi-device-conectivity Multi-Device Connectivity:

Xender allows numerous devices to connect at the same time, allowing for group sharing. This capability is very handy for collaborative projects and file sharing with numerous recipients. It does away with the necessity for sequential transfers, saving time and increasing efficiency.

batch-transfer Batch Transfer:

Batch file transfers are supported by Xender, allowing you to pick and send multiple files or entire folders at once. This function eliminates the need to pick and transfer each file separately, reducing the procedure and increasing productivity.

offline-sharing Offline Sharing:

Xender allows file sharing without the need for an internet connection. This offline sharing capability is especially beneficial in locations where internet connectivity is limited or non-existent. Xender improves efficiency by eliminating the requirement for an internet connection and allowing for seamless file transfers in any situation.

resume-interupted-transfer Resume Interrupted Transfers:

The resume transfer function in Xender allows you to continue interrupted file transfers without having to restart them from the beginning.

If a transfer is interrupted due to network problems or other factors, you can simply continue it from where it left off, saving time and optimizing efficiency.

Xender improves file transfer efficiency by offering quick transfers, multi-device connection, batch transfers, offline sharing, and the option to restart stopped transfers.

These improvements guarantee that files are transferred swiftly and effortlessly, enabling users to focus on their jobs rather than spending time on slow or wasteful file transfers.


Downloading & Installation Configuration of Xender on Android, iOS and PC

Sure! Here’s a step-by-step installation process for Xender App on Android, iOS devices and Pc. You need to just follow simple steps and you can be ready to use of Xender App.

Downloading & Installation Configuration of Xender for Android

🟠 Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

First, You need to Enable Unknown Sources. To enable this just follow these steps:

👉 a. Go to the “Settings” menu on your Android device. There you need to tap on Apps Option, then click on Special Apps Access depending on your device.

enable unknown sources for installing xender apk in android

👉 b. After that, you will find the Install Unknown Apps Option. Click on it. This allows installation from sources other than the Google Play Store.


👉 c. Click on Chrome Icon and allow from this source option. Now all done.

enable unknown sources for installing xender apk in android

🟠 Step 2: Download Xender App

Open a web browser on your Android device.

Visit the Xender-Apks.com website. Here you will get a Xender Apk Download Button of the latest version of Xender App.

🟠 Step 3: Locate the APK File

Once the download is complete, go to the “Downloads” folder or the location where the Xender Apk Downloaded file is saved on your device.

🟠 Step 4: Install Xender App

Tap on the Xender App file to start the installation process.

Review the permissions requested by Xender and tap “Install” to proceed. Wait for the installation to complete.

🟠 Step 5: Launch Xender App

Once the installation is finished, you will see an “Open” or “Done” button.

Tap on “Open” to launch Xender App on your Android device.

Xender is now installed and ready to use for file sharing.

Downloading & Installation Configuration Xender for iOS

Step 1: Open the App Store

Unlock your iOS device and go to the home screen.

Tap on the “App Store” icon to open the App Store.

Step 2: Search for Xender

Tap on the “Search” tab at the bottom of the App Store.

Enter “Xender” in the search bar.

Step 3: Select and Install Xender

From the search results, locate the official Xender app.

Tap on the Xender app icon to view its details.

Tap on the “Get” or “Install” button next to the app. OR you can check this post: – Download Xender for iPhone

Authenticate with your Apple ID, if required.

Wait for the app to download and install on your iOS device.

Step 4: Launch Xender

Once the installation is complete, you will see the Xender app icon on your home screen.

Tap on the Xender app icon to launch the application.

Xender is now installed and ready to use for file sharing on your iOS device.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily install Xender on your Android device and download it from the App Store on your iOS device. Enjoy the seamless file-sharing capabilities of Xender on your chosen platform!

Downloading & Installation Configuration Xender for PC/Laptops

Certainly! Here’s a step-by-step installation process for Xender on a PC:

Step 1: Open a Web Browser

Launch your preferred web browser on your PC.

Step 2: Visit the Official Xender Website or you can download our website.

In the web browser, go to the website at https://www.xender-apks.com/.

Step 3: Download Xender for PC

On the Xender-Apks.com website, locate the download section or look for a Download Xender for PC button.

Click on the download button to initiate the download process.

Step 4: Save the Installer File

Choose a location on your PC where you want to save the Xender installer file.

Once the download is complete, locate the installer file on your PC.

Step 5: Run the Installer

Double-click on the Xender installer file to run it.

You may be prompted to confirm any system-level permission requests. Follow the on-screen prompts and proceed with the installation.

Step 6: Select Installation Options

During the installation process, you may be presented with installation options such as the installation directory and additional software.

Customize the installation options according to your preferences, or leave them at their default settings.

Click on the “Next” or “Install” button to proceed.

Step 7: Wait for the Installation to Complete

The installer will now install Xender on your PC.

Wait for the installation process to complete. It may take a few moments.

Step 8: Launch Xender

Once the installation is finished, you will see an option to launch Xender.

Tick the box to launch Xender immediately, or manually launch it later by locating the Xender icon on your desktop or in the Start menu.

Step 9: Start Using Xender

Xender will open on your PC, and you can start using it to transfer files between your PC and other devices.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can install Xender on your PC and enjoy its file-sharing capabilities. Make sure to download Xender from the official website to ensure a safe and secure installation process. Happy file sharing!

How to File Transfer Using @Xender Step-by-Step Guide

Using Xender for file transfer is a quick and easy solution to transfer data across devices. Xender provides a smooth solution for transferring photographs, movies, documents, or any other file type. Here’s how to use Xender for file transfers:

📲 Install and Launch Xender:

Install the Xender from a reputable source. Launch the program on both the transmitting and receiving devices after it has been installed.

📳 Connect Devices:

Tap the “Send” option on the sending device, and the “Receive” option on the receiving device. Ascertain that both devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

🔛 Create a Connection:

Xender will identify neighbouring devices that have Xender open.  To connect, select the receiving device from the list of available devices.

📂 Select Files:

Browse and pick the files or folders you wish to transmit on the sending device. For your convenience, you may choose several files or a full folder.

🔄 Initiate Transfer:

After you’ve selected the files, click the “Send” button. Xender will begin transferring the files to the receiving device.

📥 Accept Files:

A notification will display on the receiving device, urging you to accept the incoming files. To begin the file transfer, press the “Accept” button.

⌛ Monitor Transfer Progress:

The progress of the file transfer will be displayed on both the sending and receiving devices. You may keep track of the transfer pace and remaining time.

✔️ Complete Transfer:

When the transfer is complete, you will be alerted on both devices. The transferred files can then be accessed on the recipient’s device.

Security and Privacy if Using Xender App

When it comes to file-sharing applications, ensuring security and privacy is crucial. Xender App recognizes this and employs a variety of safeguards to protect user data and maintain privacy.

🔐 Device-to-Device Encryption:

To secure data throughout the transfer process, Xender implements strong encryption techniques. This implies that files shared between devices are encrypted, preventing unwanted parties from intercepting or accessing them.

💾 No Cloud Storage:

Xender App, unlike some other file-sharing sites, does not keep user files in the cloud. This reduces the possibility of data breaches or unwanted access to files kept on remote systems. Files are exchanged directly across devices, which improves privacy and reduces security concerns.

⛔ Authorization and Permission Controls:

Xender includes authorisation and permission restrictions, which allow users to regulate who has access to their shared files. Users can accept or reject file transfers from other devices, giving them complete control over their shared files.

👤 User Authentication:

To establish a connection between devices, Xender requires user authentication. This stops unauthorized devices from accessing file transfers and ensures that only trustworthy devices can share files.

🌐 Trusted Network Connections:

The Xender only supports file transfers between devices on the same local network. This improves security by restricting file sharing to devices in a trusted network environment.

Xender focuses on the protection of user data and files by applying these security and privacy features. Users may be certain that their files are safely shared and that their privacy is protected throughout the file-sharing process.

 Some Troubleshooting Tips for Xender App

It’s normal to run into problems or have queries when using any application. Xender recognizes this and offers useful troubleshooting alternatives as well as commonly asked questions (FAQs) to aid users. Here are some frequent Xender problem hints and FAQs:

1. Ensure a Stable Connection:

Check that both the sending and receiving devices have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Unstable or weak connections might cause file transfers to be sluggish or stopped.

2. Restart the App and Devices:

Minor issues can occasionally be rectified by restarting the Xender app and the affected devices. Close the software, restart your devices, and try the file transfer again.

3. Clear App Cache:

Clearing the Xender app cache can assist if you are experiencing speed issues or bugs. Clear the cache by going to your device’s settings and finding the Xender app settings.

4. Update Xender App:

Check for updates to verify you have the most recent version of Xender. Bug fixes and performance enhancements are frequently included in updates.

When it comes to file-sharing apps, Xender App stands out from the crowd due to its distinct features and functions. Let’s compare Xender to some other popular file-sharing apps:

► Xender vs. Bluetooth

In contrast to Bluetooth, which has restricted transfer rates and range, Xender provides high-speed file transfers over Wi-Fi Direct. The transfer speeds of Xender are noticeably faster, making it perfect for sharing huge files or several files at once.

► Xender vs. Shareit

While both Xender and Shareit provide quick file transfers, Xender’s user interface is frequently regarded as more intuitive and user-friendly. Xender also offers extra capabilities such as phone replication, file management, and remote file access, providing it a functional advantage over Shareit.

► Xender vs. AirDrop

AirDrop is a popular file-sharing innovation that is only available on Apple devices, whereas Xender can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones. Xender is compatible with all platforms, allowing for simple file transfers between operating systems.

► Xender vs. Google Drive

While Google Drive is a cloud storage service, Xender concentrates on direct file transfers between devices. Because of its offline sharing features and higher transfer rates, Xender is a more comfortable solution for hassle-free file sharing.

► Xender vs. Zapya

In terms of features and functionality, Xender and Zapya are very comparable. Xender’s interface and user experience, on the other hand, are frequently regarded as more polished and user-friendly than Zapya’s.

  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Multifunction Menu
  • Fast File Sharing
  • Social Media Download Option Like Fb, Whatsapp, Instagram.
  • Sometime Ads will Pop Up.


How can I connect devices if they are not on the same Wi-Fi network?

Can I transfer files between different operating systems, like Android and iOS?

How can I transfer large files?

Why is the file transfer speed slow?

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Xender APK outperforms other file-sharing applications because of its quicker transfer speeds, easy user interface, cross-platform compatibility, and extra capabilities like phone replication and remote file access. Whether you want to transfer files across Android and iOS devices or swiftly exchange massive files, Xender APK is a dependable and effective option.

Overall, Xender APK provides a complete and dependable file-sharing solution for users of many platforms. Xender APK is a powerful tool that makes easier and better the file-sharing experience, whether you’re an expert who has to share files for work or a user who desires to share data with friends and family.

Xender App Reviews


Xender App is a very good App.
User UI Interface
File Sharing Speed
File Manager


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