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Xender for iOS, is a major transfer of files and sharing app across the globe. It allows users to exchange files of various sorts and formats across Android and iOS-based mobile phones and tablets without the use of cords Wi-Fi, or mobile connections to the internet, and with no mobile data use.

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APK NameXender App
update Update1 Hour Ago
Compatible-with Compatible-withiPhone and iPad
Size Size21.25 MB
Language LanguageEnglish, 46 more
CategoryFile Sharing
DeveloperXender Team
License PriceFree

Transfer Files from iOS to other Devices: Xender for iOS

Xender is the most rapid a one-stop file transfer and file sharing application available!

With a few touches, you can transmit whatever you desire, from documents to images to movies, in an instant.
The Xender application not only allows you to transfer and exchange files across iOS devices, but it additionally enables you to transfer files across iOS and various other devices.

In xender for ios, you forget about tangled data cords, poor Bluetooth connections, transfer programs that require you to use your mobile data, and tools that require users to install application on your personal computer. Download Xender right now.

iPhone to iPhone or iPad to iPad Transfer

  • No need of USB, Internet or data usage.
  • Transfers everything, Like: – Files, Documents, Photos, Audios, Videos.
  • Fast Transfer: – Transfer video iphone to freinds iphone in seconds.
  • Supports group file sharing up to 4 devices.
  • Supports cross-platform file transfer and sharing between iOS and other devices.

Built-in Music Player

There is in-built Powerful File Manager with a full featured music player. You can enjoy songs within the Application.

iOS to Computer Transfer

  • Connects your phone to PC/Mac – even other people’s, anywhere.
  • Transfers everything – files, documents, photos, videos fast and easily.
  • No need to install any software on computer.
  • Supports off-line mode with high transfer speed and no internet is needed.

Multi-Language Supported

English (main), Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Requirements Xender for iOS

Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 10.0 or Higher
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

How does Xender for iOS Work

The Xender for iOS creates a local network which you can connect to via any mobile device, smartphone, Windows Phone, Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, or PC.

Simply drag your fingertips over the screen to start sharing data from one device to other. It also allows you to generate QR codes, which makes the process simpler to transfer data.

To begin sharing data from a device to another, simply drag your finger over the screen. The transmission speed outperforms other technologies such as Bluetooth and allows us to form groups of no more than four individuals with whom we may share everything we want.

And without having to fiddle with USB cords or other wires that get twisted up in our pockets.

Main Features of Xender for iOS App

xender features like bluetooth, air, nfc

These are the main features that we can find in this xender for ios that will definitely improve our productivity:

  1. Doesn’t consume data.
  2. Content streaming.
  3. Transfer any file: videos, photos, documents…
  4. High-speed transfers.
  5. No USB, no internet, no data usage!
  6. Migrates everything – files, documents, photos, audio, video!
  7. Built-in music player
  8. Powerful file manager with full featured music player.
  9. There is no need to install any software on your computer.

Transfer File from iOS to iOS @Xender

(Make ensure you have a nearby Wi-Fi connection)

  1. Both devices must both be linked to the exact same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Tap “Connect Friend” in Xender. You will be sent to another page that lists the devices which are linked to the similar Wi-Fi network.
  3. Find and select the friend’s device, and both of them should be immediately linked.
  4. You may now start transferring files.

Transfer File from Android to iOS @Xender


(Ensure that your smartphone has the Personal Hotspot capability)

  1. On the home screen of your Android smartphone, click the “+” button and select “Connect iPhone”.
  2. Following that, go to Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone or iPad and join to the Wi-Fi generated by the Android smartphone.
  3. Return to Xender on iphone and select “Connect Friend”. You will are going to be linked immediately.
  4. You may now start transferring files.

What exactly is Xender for iOS?

Is Xender supported with iOS devices?

Can Xender transfer files between iOS and Android devices?

Does Xender require an internet connection to transfer files?

Can I transfer files between my iPhone and computer using Xender?

Xender for iPhone/iPad

By clicking below button, Xender for iPhone Free Download

Wrapping Up

If you need to send a file among phones and computers, Xender for iOS is the quickest a one-stop file transfer and file sharing app.

With a few touches, Xender can transfer anything you like, from documents to photographs to movies, in a few seconds. Xender not only allows you to transfer and share files between iOS devices, but it additionally permits you to transfer data across iOS and other devices.

Forget tangled data cords, slower Bluetooth, data apps that require mobile connection, and the tools required for installing software on your PC. Download Xender right now.

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